Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 25th 2009

I feel like the days are going slower and slower as this semester comes closer to an end. Even though, the semester has way to much left of it. I refused to wake up this morning because I felt that weather wouldn't permit it. Thus making me 20 to 30 minutes late for the day. Although, I've never been one for long showers and spending hours in front of the mirror. Once I got to school, I finally finished my wood cut of Ahrima for book arts. When I finally finished, I then set type for the broadside. Which in my opinion is the most boring thing a human being could ever do. So after murdering myself to complete task we had to tie the type which was a complete failure, but what you going to do. French sucked.. I'll leave it at that. Guggenheim museum put me to sleep once again. After that I hung out with Ben and we talked about nothing amazing, but I did have my first coffee in a long long time, but in the effects of trying to keep me up... it failed oh so terribly. As I write I ponder falling asleep on my macbook, but I'm trying to withstand the vapidness of this class. Its no wonder people leave and default the sign in. This is the most boring blog ever.